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Its antioxidant concentration of 10% vitamin C is triple-sourced from powerful vitamin C derivatives + natural acerola cherries, and calibrated precisely for max effectiveness and stability, without introducing irritation. A surge of vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and anadenanthera colubrina bark extract enhance hydration – for an elegant serum that brightens, evens tone and targets the appearance of collagen breakdown.

VC10 Daily Glow

$62.00 Regular Price
$46.50Sale Price
  • Key Ingredients

    Tripled-sourced 10% vitamin C –

    sodium ascorbyl phosphate
    vitamin C derivative that reduces free radical damage and helps increase the appearance of skin firmness, as it brightens skin and evens skin tone 
    ascorbyl glucoside (vitamin c ester): 
    derivative that brightens, increases turn over, reduces oxidative stress and improves appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
    natural acerola cherries
    contain 65x greater vitamin C than an orange, with powerful antioxidant properties

    vitamin E:
    naturally moisturizes; when paired with vitamin C it is shown to give it even greater antioxidant potency

    hyaluronic acid:
    naturally occurring substance that retains up to 1000x its weight in water, and binds moisture to surface layers

    Anadenanthera Colubrina bark extract:
    targets water retention in the skin, for immediate + long-lasting moisturization; fortifies the skin barrier for up to 72 hrs


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